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This brilliant and healthy metabolism diet is programmed to your eating habits! 

With this diet, you can shed 4-30 kilos (9 to 66 pounds) in 90 days and keep it off for good!
There is no Yo-Yo effect: after this diet you can continue to loose weight.
Recipes for your support are available.

Start today and you will be on your way to a slim, healthy self!

The benefits:

- Your success: Loose 4-30 Kilos (9 to 66 pounds)
- You don't feel as hungry
- You eat a well-balanced diet
- Proper food combinations
- Feel more energy
- No irritating calorie counting!

This diet contains a sequence of of food per day. It is important that the order of the food sequence is maintained. The diet starts with a PROTEIN day, CARBOHYDRATE days (various levels of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates , e.g. ground cereals and buckwheat) are the second and third days, followed by a MULTIVITAMIN day.  Monthly, you can do a fast water day.

Due to the separation of the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins your body will learn how to split the food better. This modifies the metabolism in the long run.

Even if you finish the diet before the first 90 days, you will loose weight guaranteed. After only a few days you will be rewarded with an improved metabolism and the first pounds disappear.
Your energy will increase enormously.
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